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Electric Shock

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On the afternoon of Sunday, June 17 my sister Jade and I both suffered electric shocks at the Pool and Spa Show in Melbourne and I am relieved and satisfied to hear today’s findings of the investigation which has been carried out by Energy Safe Victoria.

Energy Safe Victoria also explained to me that because I was the person in the water that I copped the full brunt of the shock.

I am also pleased that my sister Jade, who suffered muscle spasms and headaches for a week, has had no lasting ill-effects from her shock and can pursue her water polo career

It was a relief to hear that Energy Safe found there was absolutely nothing wrong with the Endless Spa which I had swum in several times before. Endless Spas have been major supporters of mine since before I made the 2004 Olympic Team and they have continued to support me through what has been a trying time for all of us. In fact the support I have received from around Australia and the world has been quite overwhelming.

I am so thankful to the people who have sent me their best wishes.

My house looks like a florist with flowers arriving from my sponsors Endless Spas and GNC; Channel 9 Sydney and Melbourne and the team at What’s Good For You, the Nunawading Swimming Club, the Currumbin Beach Vikings SLSC, Bunning’s Warehouse, and of course the dozen cup cakes I received from Crabapple Bakery (who made my wedding cake).

The hundreds of get well cards, emails, phone calls and text messages from family, friends and supporters, members of the media, everyone in the Swimming Australia community and most importantly the public support has been overwhelming.

I want to thank everyone for giving me the space to get over what has been a very difficult time.

I spent the first week after the shock sleeping 18 to 20 hours a day and having massages to help aid my recovery from the muscle spasms and muscular fatigue.

I began swimming lightly on Monday but did not realise the full extent of my injuries suffered from the fall from the spa until then.

I sustained injuries to my left shoulder and neck, leaving the muscles and joints severely inflamed, requiring regular physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture and daily icing.

I’m putting all my energy into the rehabilitation of my injuries so I can prepare for my return to racing at the Telstra Australian Short Course Championships in Melbourne in August.

But my main priority now is to get my health back to 100 percent.

Once again thank you all for your support.

Yours in swimming

Brooke Hanson