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Entering the spotlight in 1994
Brooke is an advocate for living your best life.

Before entering the world of motivational speaking, Brooke followed her own inspirations, taking to the pool competitively, tearing up the podiums. With a total of 25+ international championship events and a host of multiple TV shows it became apparent Brooke was no stranger to the spotlight.

Brooke dedicates her time to her passions and aligns with charities close to her heart, she is a proud ambassador for The Starlight Children’s Foundation and Life’s Little Treasures Foundation.

Beyond the pool, Brooke turned her focus to improving the lives of others by sharing her story

After studying journalism, the talented swimmer released her autobiography “When Silver Is Gold” The Brooke Hanson Story and she loves nothing more than to share her inspirational story with everyone she meets. 

Hosting a string of TV Shows such as What’s Good for You, Discover Downunder, My Road To Adventure, and featuring on TEDxCurrumbin, Brooke now dedicates her time to more personal passions.

Focusing on charity work, Brooke has made it a mission of hers to dedicate time to charities that align close to her passions.

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