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Safety Tips for Keeping your Family Pool Safe

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It’s a well-known fact that Australian families have a long standing love affair with the water, with the backyard pool an iconic piece of Australian life. As Aussie families across the country prepare for the pool season, the importance of staying safe in the water this summer is paramount.

To ensure Aussie families are SAFER around the pool this summer, Clark Rubber has teamed up with Olympic swimmer, Brooke Hanson, to promote some simple tips to ensure your time in the pool this summer is SAFER, and most of all, fun. “As an Olympic swimmer and a mother, safety by the water is one of my top priorities,” said Brooke Hanson.

“Whether you’re a strong swimmer, or just enjoy having a splash around in the pool, you can make sure your family remains SAFER this year by following Clark Rubber’s five quick tips.” Remember, not everyone can swim like Brooke Hanson, but you can have fun and be SAFER by following a few simple rules. Be sure to remain safe by keeping this checklist in mind:

Supervision – Users of the pool MUST always be supervised by an adult who is a competent swimmer and knows pool rules and emergency procedures. The supervisor must be in the poolsurroundings at all times.

AUSTSWIM – Have your children taught to swim by AUSTSWIM, teachers of swimming and water safety. Swimming and water safety skills help save lives and add to the enjoyment of your pool fun.

Fence – The area should have a secure fence surrounding the pool with childproof locks to guard against unsupervised swimming. The gates should be locked at all times. Faulty locks must be fixed immediately. Make sure there is nothing that can be climbed on to open the gate or get over the fence.

Emergencies – Be prepared for emergencies. Have a long pole, a ring buoy with a throwing line and a first aid kit close at hand. Keep emergency numbers handy. Get up to date training in lifesaving, first aid and CPR.

Rules – Establish pool rules and post them near the pool. Make sure all the family and friends know the rules. No exceptions!

To find out more about Clark Rubber’s pool safety tips, visit or call 13 8090 to contact your local Clark Rubber store.